Discovery Set - Top 5- For Men (Our Best Sellers)

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Our Discovery Set, is a pack of pocket-sized wonders of 5ml each (testers box) to be your scent companions without the commitment. Discover Your New Favourite Now!

1st Fragrance
Deep Ocean - Impression of Bleu De Chanel - 5ml - 5 ml
2nd Fragrance
Divine Conquest - Impression of Aventus Creed - 5ml - 5 ml
3rd Fragrance
Golden Wood - Impression of Gucci Oud - 5ml - 5 ml
4th Fragrance
Wild Spirit - Impression of Sauvage by Dior - 5ml - 5 ml
5th Fragrance
Legend 2.0 - Inspired by Mont Blanc Legend - 5ml - 5 ml


Discovery Set – A Journey of Scent

Step into GodScent’s world with “The Journey of Scents” – a set of five little wonders (testers box), each holding a world of unique vibes. It’s not just about scents; it’s about finding your next obsession.

GodScent is where vibes become a language, and our Discovery Set is your passport. Unlock stories in every drop, each crafted to be a chapter of you. These pocket-sized wonders (5ml each) are here to be your scent companions without the commitment.

GodScent isn’t just about fragrances; it’s about your vibe, your story.

The Journey of Scent - Testers Box

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